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Yukon Postal Codes - YT, Canada

The CanadianPostal Code assigns a unique code for each city or building or address or neighborhood in the YT Province, Canada.

A forward sortation area (FSA) is a geographical region in which all postal codes start with the same three characters. The first letter of an FSA code denotes a particular Yukon Postal Code district, which, outside of Quebec and Ontario, corresponds to an entire province or territory.

A Canadian postal code is a six-character string that forms part of a postal address in Canada. Like British and Dutch postcodes, Canada's Yukon Postal Codes are alphanumeric.

In this web page you can search for YT Postal Codes. YT is the Yukonabbreviation, which allow automated sorting by the CanadianPost Office. The codes replaced the traditional system used until the 1990s

Yukon Postal Codes

Yukon - YT, Canadian- Postal Code by Cities

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